Cryptocurrency & NFTs are just the beginning.

Setup ~ Storage ~ Service

For those who don’t yet completely understand cryptocurrency, TrūIQ® is proud to introduce Q-Clūb™, where members of TrūIQ® can learn about and prosper from the exciting new world of blockchain technologies, crypto, NFT’s, smart contract and DAO’s, without having to become an expert.  Our support and services are tailored to fit your needs and experience and will make participation in this new an exciting world a reality.

Add Q-Clūb™ to your enrollment and start learning and earning today.  

Q-Clūb™ Features 

    • TrūQoin private wallet set-up & support.
    • Secure storage of TrūQoin wallet and account information (w/3-Ent Authentication).
    • Emergency TrūQoin Account Retrieval Services™ (additional fee may apply).
    • Fractional purchases of TrūQoin during the DEX On-boarding System (DOBS) process. All DOBS coins may be used as promotional airdrops.
    • No TrūQoin purchase or exchange fees during DOBS, (may require staking of up to $25 in TRX, which will be returned to the Member’s wallet upon the completion of the DOBS).
    • Advanced education and training on TrūQoin’s smart contract and blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and TrūIQ’s advancing role in the changing technological, financial and social world in which we normally live.

Member Price: $69.95/mo. (Introductory offer: $49.95/mo.)

Note: To access TrūQoin.io and to participate in the DEX On-Boarding System™ (DOBS), NFT purchases and to view all transaction and activity TrūPoints™, Members must have a valid TRON (Tronix) wallet entered into their TrūIQ® Team Office™ (under the Miners Tab/Wallet).
Enroll above or call Member Support at 801-987-0901, for help in setting up your account.

TrūQoin™ Miner’s Site

DIY Videos:  How To Get TrūQoin™

Step 1: Download and Install a TronLink Wallet into Chrome (10:48)

Download and Install your TronLink Wallet into Firefox (11:25)

Step 2: Insert Your Wallet into Team Office (2:45)

Step 3: Set up an Exchange and Purchase TRON (16:54)

Step 4: Log into the TruQoin Miners Site: (2:34)

Step 5: Purchase TruQoin (5:59)

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