TruIQ’s Ecosystem

TrūIQ’s one-of-a-kind ecosystem is a wealthy creation machine.
It combines blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and web3 technologies with that of 100% all-natural health and wellness products and training.
TrūIQ’s innovative marketing ecosystem, is the only program of its kind.

Come Join Us!


($200 Trillion by 2030)
                       ~ Ark Invest

TrūIQ™, in partnership with TrūQoin™ (DAO), is setting the pace in Tier-2 (consumer-level) products and services.

• DAOs
• Blockchain
• Cryptocurrency
• Interoperability
• Web3 Integration
• Business Token Development
• Artificial Intelligence
• Digital Assets

Products & Services

($3.5 Billion by 2025)
                ~ Global News Wire

TrūIQ™ is the first company to merge the physical world of products and services to that of the blockchain, crypto and web3 digital rewards.

Health & Wellness
• All Natural products
• Proprietary 4-in-1 Solutions
• Established Testimonials
• 100% Guaranteed

• Q-Club Connect™
• Q-Club Protect™
• Q-Club Prime™


($1.9 Billion in 2023)
          ~ Market Research

You will learn from the best. as world-class teachers, leaders and mentors join the TruIQ™ movement and add value to our ever-expanding ecosystem.

World Class Mentors
Training & Education
Sales and Marketing Systems
Self & Community Improvement
Lifestyle Balance

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