A TrūIQ Experience!

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Summer’s TruIQ Semi-Annual Hemp Round Up!

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A TrūIQ Experience!

If you missed it,
come to next Summer’s TruIQ Hemp Round Up!

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A Perfect Solution for Less Than Perfect Times

Limited time offer – 10% Off

In order to help keep our Customers, Members and Brand Partners healthy, TruIQ® is offering a 1 -2 Punch Solution for a healthier and safer you!

Keep your immunity up and stay on guard with TruIQ’s exclusive Whole-Hemp CBX4 and Signature Blend ImmuGuard Essential Oil. Taken together, improves your fighting chance!

“The cannabinoids in CBX4 are unparalleled in their natural anti-viral abilities. That is why we diffuse CBX4 and ImmuGurad at seminars and encourage the same at home.”
Jason Goly, President

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Our Independent Brand Partners Say

I’m am so excited to finally have a voice in a company that I work with. TruIQ’s “Member Drive” philosophy is giving everyone a chance to succeed!


Being a part of TruIQ and being able to offer their products to my patients has been a life changer, for me and for them.


“Being involved with TruIQ is changing my financial and physical life.”


“I love the energy, attitude and the opportunities that TruIQ is offering. Everyone needs to check this out.”


We Are The Opportunity You Have Been Waiting For 

Get your share of the soon-to-be Multi-Billion dollar hemp industry. TruIQ is uniquely positioned to advance in the fast-past and rapidly growing hemp and cannabinoid industry. With a projected 50 Billion in sales by 2022, all you should be asking is, “How much of that is going to be mine?”

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Keep looking young with this total body serum that sets back time for skin and hair to a youthful glow. It is a full spa treatment that hydrates, softens and adds a radiant healthy glow to your entire body. For a limited time get Silky Smooth FREE when you enroll as a Independent Brand Partner and purchase any pack $250.00 and above.

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TruIQ Global CBX4

There are over 100 different kinds of cannabinoids in the Hemp plant. TruIQ will continues to research, develop and produce products utilizing the best cannabinoid profiles, terpenes and flavonoids, all with the purpose to deliver our customers with the highest quality pharmacy grade solution for your targeted needs.

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