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TruIQ CBD CoA 02/25/2019

CBX4 Training Level 1

The Multiple Cannabinoid Effect & THC Free

A Sample Size of CBX4 – With a Big Punch!

TruIQ’s “PürBlends” Broad Spectrum CBX4 Hemp Oil was created with the purity and potency our customers expect, and has one of the best product-signatures in the industry! With an impressive terpene profile, and a full spectrum of CBC, CBD, CBG, and CBN cannabinoids, these four Cannabinoids produce a “Compound Effect” which creates collective benefits exceeding those of individual cannabinoid products.

TruIQ’s Broad Spectrum CBX4-1000 Hemp Oil, is 100% Organic, Hemp Derived, and THC Free (<LOQ).

Benefits: Overall Endocanabinoid System Heath, Gastrointestinal, Pain Control, Gut Health, Mental Acuity.

Cannabinoids: CBC, CBD, CBG, CBN and traces of CBDv
Carrier Oil: 100% pure & organic hemp seed oil.

At TruIQ we don’t use Cheap Carrier Oils, Vegetable Glycerin, Artificial Flavorings or Preservatives, Polysorbate 80, or Non-Functional Ingredients. Just 100% Pure Hemp extract.

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5 ML
$24.00 USD

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More Than Just A CBD Oil

TruIQ has improved the effectiveness of hemp-derived Phyto-Cannabinoids, by combining other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and even flavonoids, to deliver the industry’s most effective, pure and beneficial solutions available today!

Full Spectrum Broad Spectrum Soil to Oil Traceability Farm Bill 2014-2018 Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade