Independent Brand Partner (IBP) / Member (Preferred Customer) & Affiliate Enrollment

There are 3 ways to join TruIQ.
1. Enroll as an Independent Brand Partner (IBP), by choosing from one of the three Product Packages below.
2. Enroll as a Member (Preferred Customer) at the bottom of the page and save up to 25% off Retail pricing.
3. Sign up as an Affiliate to share TruIQ products and services with others. Get started in TruiQ without it costing you anything.

If you have questions about which option is best suited for your personal or business goals, please contact the office at 801-987-0901, or the person who introduced you to TruIQ. Either will be happy to answer your questions and help in any way they can.

CBX4 Intro Pack

$250Save $9
  • Sample Pack
  • A great selection of our most popular items
  • Included:
  • Registration
  • 1 30ml CBX4 Bottle
  • 1 Oil-On-Top (W/CBX4) Body Lotion
  • 4 CBX4 Samples
  • Marketing Material

Five Bottle Pack

$500Save $64
  • Five Bottle
  • Load up on CBX4 and receive a free sample to share
  • Included:
  • Registration
  • 5 30ml CBX4 Bottles
  • 1 Free CBX4 Sample
  • Marketing Material
  • .

Ten Bottle Pack

$950Save $197
  • Ten Bottle
  • This selection gives you the biggest discount
  • Included:
  • Registration
  • 10 30ml CBX4 Bottles
  • 3 Free CBX4 Samples
  • 1 Free DIY Body Lotion
  • Marketing Material