As a Member of TruIQ®, you are automatically enrolled in Q-Club for Everyone, which give you instant access to videos and instructions on how to download and set up a TRON Link wallet, how to set up an Exchange and how to connect your TruIQ business to by inserting and storing your wallet address into your Team Office.
For a more immersive experience, support and opportunities with TruIQ and TruQoin, join us in Q-Club Pro or Q-Club Premium. Each program is designed to optimize your current and desired level of understanding and participation in the word of  blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, WEB3, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), proper governance, TruQoin and more.

NOTE:  We do not sale cryptocurrency through this site.

Q- Club Pro

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Q- Club Prime

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All of the Q-Club for Everyone benefits, plus:
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Live Phone Support:
Talk to a real person when you need support
Priority TrūIQ and TrūQoin Desktop support
Live Desktop sharing by specialists (by appointment)
TrūQoin Account Retrieval Services
Secure storage of your TrūQoin Wallet account information w/3-Ent Authentication – wallet address, passphrase, pass-key – for emergency retrieval with encrypted protection.
Pays Monthly Commission
See the TruIQ Fusion Pay Plan for details.
45CV 55CV
No-Fee Exchange
Purchase and Swap TrūQoin on TrūSWAP Plus (due Q4, 2022).
Avalanche Staking
Stake your TruQoin for up to 10 blocks with no early withdrawal penalties.
10 Block 100 Blocks
Reoccurring TrūPoints
Calculated on the first of each month.  
1,250 (EQ = 75) 2,500 (EQ = 75)
Activity Points Reward (APR)
APR is awarded in points on the day the Member’s Smart Ship is processed
2.5% 5%
“Your Choice” or “Sample Select” Smart Ship (Up to 30% off)
– Your Choice: Your favorite product shipped each month. (can be change at any time.)
– Sample Select: Receive a different TrūIQ product every month.
Free Shipping 
On on Smart Ship and Sample Select orders.
Enhanced TrūIQ & TrūQoin 1-Click support
With the click of a button, you can reach support via your desktop or laptop for support on all things TrūIQ and TrūQoin. (No appointment needed.)
TrūCard, (TrūIQ/TrūQoin) International VISA® Debit Card:
– Transfer commissions to an Intl. VISA debit card. (Launching Q4, 2022).
– Transfer and auto-convert TrūQoin to an Intl. VISA debit card. (Launching Q1, 2023).
TruQoin University – Advanced TrūQoin and cryptocurrency education:
The latest education and hands-on experience in TrūQoin, blockchain technologies, (cryptocurrency, NFTs, DAOs), governance, with optional add-ons.