This training library is for Members and friends of TruIQ.  In it, you will find videos, podcasts and links to all things TruIQ, TruQoin and the crypto industry in general.

How To Obtain TrūQoin™

In this library, you can watch videos on how to download, set up and insert a TRON-Link wallet into your  TruIQ® Team Office and therein, your TruQoin Miners site.  You can also learn how to set up a Cryptocurrency Exchange, and how to purchase TruQoin through that exchange or directly from TruIQ via a Wire Transfer.

Step 1:
How to Install a TronLink Wallet into Chrome(10:48)

Step 2:
Insert your wallet into Team Office. (2:45)

Step 3:
Set up an Exchange and Purchase TRON (16:54)

Step 4:
Log into the TrūQoin Miners Site: (2:34)

Step 5:
Purchase TrūQoin (5:59)

TrūQoin™ Training

In the TruQoin™ Training library, you can watch past training sessions, specifically on TruQoin and the miner’s web site.  New videos are added weekly.
Live training is held every Wednesday night at 8:00PM MST

An Introduction to Q-Club

Reading the TruQoin Meter