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TruIQ CBD CoA 02/25/2019

CBX4 Training Level 1

Full Entourage & THC Free

PürBlends Broad Spectrum CBD 1000 Hemp Oil, is 100% Organic, Hemp derived, and 100% THC Free! At TruIQ we don’t use Cheap Carrier Oils, Vegetable Glycerin, Artificial Flavorings or Preservatives, Polysorbate 80, or Non-Functional (worthless) Ingredients. Just 100% Pure Hemp extract. PürBlends Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil was created with the purity, potency and convenience our customers expect, and has one of the best product-signatures in the industry! With an impressive terpene profile, and a full spectrum of other trace cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC, you are certain to get the highly sought after ‘Entourage Effect’.

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